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    Los Angeles, Venice Beach, its playgrounds... 300 days of good weather and 20° all year long, it helps to spend your time outside... The Californian city is undoubtedly possible THE world capital of street culture. And over there, streetball is sovereign.
    Everyone has their own style, invents their own dribbles, sets their own rules.
    Everyone finds the freedom to be themselves, to express themselves, to play the game that suits them.

    In basketball, Cross-Over is a quick change of direction, accompanied by a change of hands. It is from this spirit of freedom that CrossOver Culture was born. A name that sums up our brand identity. The Cross Over culture is the one we express and that we could summarize as follows.

    « On the playgrounds as in everyday life, assume your style and stand out. »
    « Game day, or every day : you’re a basketball player. You’re a playmaker. You’re a creator. »


    A Passion, a Lifestyle, a Brand ...


    In a competitive footwear market that has been driven by the same players for decades, Ryan Duke is trying to bolster established codes. A basketball fan, the CEO of Cross Over is an avid basketball player and is in daily contact with the playgrounds of Venice Beach. There, on these courts, street culture reigns supreme and audacity transpires to the rhythm of the scored baskets. Everyone has their own style, expresses themselves in their own way. The smallest cross the biggest, the biggest dunk over the smallest. Each player who plays takes his place, expresses himself in his own way. This is the spirit that drives our brand: « You got a different game, Why are your kicks the same? ». 


    « Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good, Pay Good»  


    Throughout the design process of its shoes, the brand makes it a point of honor to combine pure design, comfort, technology and tangible benefits. Cross Over Culture has a totally urban DNA, inspiration and style. The logo and its expression on the products perfectly reflects this aspiration. 
    But a successful product can not only be beautiful. The demand of the basketball to push the brand to innovate in order to offer the comfort, cushioning, stability and dynamism that streetballers are looking for. These investments in research translate into technological concepts inherent to the brand.


    Innovative Technologies


    Comfort, cushioning, stability and dynamism are the 4 pillars of the product development of this new brand of basketball. To achieve this, Cross Over Culture is capitalizing on combinations of materials that have already won over many consumers overseas, where the brand has been successfully distributed since 2018. 

    • LP2 energy system
    This new cushioning technology has been built around two user benefits: very good shock absorption, and a midsole that lasts over time. 
    • 3D Molded Uppers 
    TPU fibers are embedded in the shank / vamp. The moulding under the effect of heat gives this relief called "3D" to the different models. In three words: style, fit and durability.  
    • Wishbone Suspension 
    In the midsole, the designers have interlocked a rigid material that supports the arch and heel. The benefit is twofold: cushioning is reinforced and stability is improved. 
    • Shark tooth traction 
    The outsole offers a design inspired by the shape of shark teeth. This original sole shape, combined with materials that provide grip, helps prevent players from slipping. 
    • Evolved fit 
    As for the footwear, it was designed to seduce and convince users from the very first seconds. The easy sifting and soft foam inside the models will convince basketball fans: trying it is adopting it.